Lunch or Pre-Show Dinner formula 25€

Appetizers & Main Course or Main Course & Dessert + a glass of red or white wine + expresso.

From Tuesday through Friday, 12 noon to 2 pm
From Monday to Saturday, 6/00 to 7:30pm

6 burgundy snails,

Cesar Salad,

Crayfish tails « au gratin » with Sauvignon wine,

Main Courses
Braised chicken boneless with Tarragon-Mustard & touch of vanilla

Black Angus chuck flap meat,

Wrap of beef Pastrami « bio », cole slaw, fries and salad,

Veal kidney with mushrooms and grainy mustard sauce
Selection of our desserts

Burned custard with Grand Marnier

Jacqueline’s Chocolate mousse : neither butter or egg yolks or sugar !